31 December 2011

Colour Catch #1: Lime and Turquoise

There goes my promise to you that I would blog everyday! My apologies. This is the last blog of this year. And also a new column: Colour Catch! I'm a big fan of heavy colours, but I like the pastels and the regullary black and white as well. I (hopefully) show you every month a photo of an interior with colours that inspires me, cause of the combination or because it's trending in fashion world.

We begin with Lime green and Turquoise. Many clothes of mine are turquoise, cause it's a colour I wear often and feel comfortable in it. Lime was back in 2005 a very popular colour in the interior scene. I found this photo and saw the outstanding walls what got my attention. Now I was curious in how far I could find photos of clothing and accessories in that colour combination. This was quite easy actually. In no time I had found the perfect shoes and the most beautiful neckless I've ever seen!

Come take a look!

At last I want to wish you all a stunning New Years Eve and a great and healthy 2012! I can't believe 2011 is over in a few hours. What a strange idea, isn't it?? Well, have a nice evening (don't drink too much champagne and be careful with firework! ;-)

Lots of love,


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