3 December 2011

Have a great weekend!

So, what are your plans for this (rainy) weekend? I have nothing to do for today (anyone ideas??) But, this Sunday do I have something on the planning. We go to Utrecht again (we totally love that city) and in the afternoon, we're going to cafe Lust where Rupert Blackman will perform with his band! That's something my mom and I are really looking forward to (because we both seen him live before!)

And then Monday: "Sinterklaas!" A Dutch holiday with also an old man with a white beard (when I was little I believed he and Santa Claus were brothers) Luckely, I don't believe in Sinterklaas anymore, but it's always so nice to see those happy children dressed up like "Zwarte Piet" and Sinterklaas himself! At home, we don't celebrate this holiday anymore (only Christmas) but.. I don't know, it might be a day full of surprises!

This busy week is continuing! Yesterday I ran off to the Melkweg in Amsterdam, to buy four tickets for The Boxer Rebellion on Wednesday December 7. I'm so thrilled to see this band live! They were guests Friday morning at my all time favorite radio show Giel! And then I realised I haven't bought tickets yet!

On Friday December 9, I have a reunion with my old classmates from High School (2004-2006) and the last time I've seen my friends was about two years ago! We're having dinner at a fancy place at the Koemarkt in Purmerend and we're eating tapas! I can't wait to see everyone again! I'm so curious how they're doing these days..

But yesterday was also a very good day! After the regular lessons: English, Dutch and Marketing do we have every Friday: Art & Design (a new school subject) Last week we went painting and this week we're going out to the city! As you might have heard, Amsterdam is a beautiful inspirational city where you can make lots of nice pictures. We went to several art galleries and ended the day at the Leidseplein with hot chocolate! Here I have some photos of that day.

Well, that is enough information for now. I hope you all have a great weekend with nice plans and hopefully better weather than here in my country ;)

Love Lisa

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