26 January 2012

It's done!

I'm so happy my project is finally finished! We had our presentation today and everything went well. Both my teachers were very optimistic and thought of a huge improvement pertaining to what it was in the beginning. I was so nervous this morning! I don't mind speaking for an audience but when I start my heart feels like hell. In a few minutes I'm ok though :) I always keep saying that I have no idea what I'm talking about. I just let it go, talk as much as I can and put some enthusiasm in it. Curious of my project I've been working on for weeks? I can't show you everything but here are some examples.

When I was leaving school at 3 O'Clock I was relieved. All the stress and hard work has been keeping me up for days. My days at school are not very long. Tuesday and Friday (17.00) and Wednesday and Thursday only till 2PM. But the last weeks I've been working everyday till 5.30 or even 6PM! I was always the last one, but not today! What's done is done, I thought. And now I'm home, drinking a cup of tea and sit beside my laptop (my favourite spot). Too bad of the weather which is rainy, windy and awful.. but that doesn't keep me of being happy :)

Old situation:

The concept and our suggestions:

Design meets nature!

Our target group




Artist impression in Vectorworks

Scale model

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