5 February 2012

How is your weekend so far?

Mine is fine! I'm so exited for tomorrow! That's when I return to Sanoma Media (my last internship where I had a great time). Back then I was an intern at "Stay or Go" and "10 voor je Tuin", now will I do things for vtwonen and the other Home Deco sites. I can't wait to see the blogs I wrote appear on those sites! :) But blogging is not the only thing I'm gonna do. I also get involved with the design of the websites and making flyers and banners as promoting.

It will be long (fulltime) weeks for me, but I don't mind it. I think this is gonna be the best internship of all time! I hope I'll get permission to show you things I've made there. In the meantime I'll be working on my portfolio, cause maybe soon, I might get a call from the school I want to study after the Summer. My portfolio has to be complete and good looking for that meeting. But don't worry, I won't let you down! ;-) Oh, and the name of the school I'm applying for is KABK in The Hague. And the study called: Grafisch Ontwerpen. This was the best school I visited. And I've been to a lot, I'm telling you! Great projects, nice students.. Yes, this is the perfect study for me :) My dad (who is a Graphic Designer) is so proud of me and likes that one day, I will do the same thing he does! We can build a father/daughter business together, haha! :) Well, first I have to make my exams at my current school. But, you'll never now what the future brings ;-)

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