4 February 2012

We got tickets!

Yes! My sister and I finally go to Lowlands this year! :D This a great festival in the Summer (like Rock Werchter in Belgium and Roskilde in Denmark) We saw the show for the first time (about 2 years ago) live on television. That was the period we become acquainted with alternative music. Unfortunately, Amber was too young back then, and last year we were too late buying the tickets (it was sold out in 2 hours!) But almost an hour ago, me, my mom and Amber were sitting beside my computer and watched the time ticking away. There was a very long row, but after a half and hour waiting we were in. Gosh, I'm so happy! I still can't believe it! This will be such an experience for me! I love festivals and this is one I definitely had to be in my life.

When the time is there (17, 18 and the 19th of August) I will be in Biddinghuizen and enjoying the incredible performances of small and huge bands all over the world :) And when I'm back you definitely gonna read my story here. With lots of pictures and extensive reports!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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