27 August 2011

Wake Up Call

Hi everyone! :)

Sorry, I know I haven't post much this week. I must confess I had a very Inspire-less week with a lot of boredom. Altough I have given a new boost to my pages! So if you're interested and you've never seen my pages before, take a look at them now! The only thing that is changed are the photo's. The're bigger now and are from a better quality.

What I also did this week was saving this cute pattern from Shutterstock, where I'm always on when I'm bored or have nothing to do. So that's first, second.. my next blog is probably about my last week at Ikea. I'm not sure if I can stay, altough I really want to, because I liked it very much this Summer, working there. Next week will be a busy week! 40 hours working and Sunday the 70th birthday of my grandma :) Me, my parents, Amber, uncle and aunt and of course my grandmother- and father are going to the musical 'Soldaat van Oranje'. Maybe you'll recognize the title. It was a huge film, back in the seventies with the Dutch top actor 'Rutger Hauer'. After the musical we're having diner, and that will also be very nice. Absolutely :)

So, what are your plans for this week? Is it also your last week of Summer break? Or did you already start at school? Whatever your plans are, I wish you good luck with it.

Oh, almost forgot! Here's the pattern. Enjoy and see you next time! :)

Love Lisa

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