6 September 2011

Nice Laptops

Hi there!

It took a while when I finally found my dream laptop. I bought it (and get a part of my parents) for my 18th birthday. Which means I almost have my laptop for over 2 years! And still it's the best one ever. I don't know what to do without that thing. I think I must go in therapy when it's gone or ruined :') My laptop is my most precious property and everyone who knows me, knows that! :P But in my search for the perfect laptop (I have an Asus btw) I've visited many many stores and sites on internet. Because I'm that crazy "I want everything PINK-girl" I wanted a pink laptop. Unfortunately that's harder to find than I thought. Now I have a shiny silver/grey one, but also very nice looking. When I found a pink laptop, it was on some weird American website. Hm, no good idea. But what's wrong with keeping the picture? So that's what I did. I collect from my 12th till my 18th pirctures of pink electronic (and also laptops). And because I'm really curious about your opinion I post these on my blog. So, which one do you like the most?

See you next time!

Love Lisa

My laptop:

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