28 September 2011


Goodmorning! :)

As you might read it on Twitter, I've got a cold and don't feeling very well :( That's why I'm home today. To rest out and hoping feeling better tomorrow. Well, there's one good thing in this, now I have finally all the time of the world to blog! :) After my internship at Sanoma I don't feel like blogging because it takes some time and I already do that a lot. But today, on this sunny Wednesday, I'm gonna blog for you :) I have discovered a great new site called Flickr. (you might have heard of it ;-) It has such a cool photos! I always use Shutterstock for nice pics, but it's not a very good site when you need good interior design ones. Well, Flickr does have those photos and much more! When I worked at Ikea it notice me how popular photoframes are. And especially those shelves where you can put them into and don't have to make a hole in your wall. I see it very often in magazines and I think it's a huge trend! Well, these photos do not have shelves but are very inspire full! Oh, and about Ikea.. it's of the running. The department where I wanted to work has no room for me. So I've decided to quit at all. I don't feel like going to an other department where I don't know anything or anybody. I'm also in my last year of school and I've got a really busy year with my exams and internships, so for me, there's actually no use to work this year. I only wanted to stay because I liked the job and the colleagues. But hey, that's life. There will be many other opportunities in the future, so I stick to that!

Well this is definitely the longest English blog I've ever wrote! Hoped you liked it and you'll have a nice week.

Love Lisa

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